HEALTH: Dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training accompanied by relief and development program, FFI  provides health  the help of medical libraries of Washington to escape poverty and improve by building a quality, sustainable livelihoods through outreach and education. As a champion of the American Lung Associations campaign for cleaner air, FFI participates in the local outreach providing impoverished environments with air filters and asthma patients with inhalers.

ENVIRONMENT: FFI raises awareness of indigenous sustainability practices, spreading knowledge among communities and institutions in appreciation and understanding of environmental management, sharing the impact of environmental damage on lives and livelihoods in addition to insights of recovery mode tactics that result in a cleaner global habitat.

Tobacco Cessation : FFI provides ideas, resources, and training to youth and families in an attempt to make life easier.  The purpose is to prevent risky behaviors like tobacco products, and develop positive role models. FFI also provides after school educational support, tutoring, and cultural guidance in a safe, enriched, and culturally appropriate environment. FFI community services, collaborates with social services, government agencies , King County Tobacco Prevention Program, and providers support to interact with the refugees, health providers, school teachers, counselors, family support workers and others.  The FFI’s goal is to enhance the quality of life and build self-sufficiency.